Welcome Family!

This is the home page of OUR family website.  You are welcome here.    

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Once you are registered you can contribute to the blogs and discover OUR family history.  OUR past, OUR present and OUR future.

This is a family effort. The goal is to capture and preserve as much of OUR family history, as possible.

This is for us to share and learn our history.  Who we are and where we came from.  To give US insight into OUR family history and lineage.  

To let you know the people who came before you.  Their lives, their loves, their struggles and their offspring. 

We owe our ancestors a huge debt of gratitude.  We honor them by telling THEIR story (past), OUR story (present) and for those yet to be born (future).  

The hopes and dreams of OUR family ancestors are bound and wound up in you.  It is the tie that binds us all.